Instructions for use Alkozeron

Alkozeron - general characteristics and information about the product

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10 pcs/ue.


treatment of alcoholism

Capsules Alkozeron - versatile fast-acting remedy for the treatment of alcoholism. It is designed for men and for women. Use is safe for human health. It is allowed to use without identifying the doctor, outpatient.

One of the advantages of capsules - natural ingredients. Active substances (extracts): the root of kudzu, milk thistle, cornflower, thyme, st. john's wort.

The drug has passed scientific studies and clinical tests. The overall results showed that capsules Alkozeron it is equally effective regardless of gender, race and ages.

Please note. Buy original capsules Alkozeron in Hungary, it is possible only through the official website of the manufacturer. Beware of imitations.

Means for the treatment of alcoholism - indications Alkozeron:

  • it is difficult for you to relax without alcohol
  • never give up quotes drinking
  • drink in small doses, but every day
  • are you constantly in a state of hangover
  • you can't fall asleep until drink.

Addiction to alcohol can be in the initial stage even without the visible outward signs or be running and chronic. In any case, the adoption of this instrument will be effective. Statistics worldwide reports that in the risk zone of the each third in age from 21 to 45 years old. First alcohol stealthily comes into your life under false pretenses. It can be chronic fatigue, farewell with your wife or husband, is an easy and fast way to relax, have fun... But with every passing day the urge to drink, only amplified, and the consumption of alcohol more and more.

!!If You or someone of Your loved ones to drink every day, or are addicted to it, to every weekend to spend exclusively with the consumption of large amounts of alcohol, you can never give up the deals or your own desires to drink, you can go in two-three day, or even longer, debauchery, drinking so much that the next day you will not remember what happened on the eve of the... - all are the symptoms of alcohol addiction, which requires treatment.

Instructions how to use Alkozeron - dosage, contraindications

how to take the drug for the treatment of alcoholism Alkozeron

Make use of the funds is very simple - just wash down the capsule with a glass of water (50 to 150 ml). The daily dose during the therapy - two capsules. After one capsule in the morning and evening for a period of 7-30 days. Rate of application depends on the severity of alcohol dependence.

The use of capsules Alkozeron allowed with the aim of prevention after you have successfully completed treatment. Dosage one capsule a day, the duration of income - three months. Possible recurrence preventive course after a 30-day break.

Contraindications are absent. Exception - individual intolerance of individual components, pregnancy and lactation period. Intake of capsules, in agreement with the attending physician in the presence of acute temporary or severe chronic disease.