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  • Máté
    Tried various methods and medicines. Or wasn't the result at all, or the effect quickly took place, already after a week again began to drink like I used to. With alkozeron everything is otherwise. Thanks to these capsules do not drink for eight months! Too bad I didn't know before, that there is such an effective means, when it for such an affordable price.
  • Dávid
    Because of the constant booze left wife, took the kids. Left alone, he realized that no one needs. Decided it was time to do something. He turned to the psychiatrist. The doctor recommended me to take capsule alkozeron, said that it is better that this drug does not. The more he drank, I hope, that a woman with children be back soon, and we'll be happy, as it was up to my alcoholism.
  • Viktória
    To relax after a working day, drink to drink every night. One day he realized that without it I can't and become addicted. To contact the clinic, he was hesitant. Honored on the internet about the possible ways of treatment. On the forum found out about alkozeron. Already a couple of days to receive from alcohol has become turn into. I drink, I feel great!
  • Balázs
    An effective means for the combating of alcohol dependence. Brother already 10 years old drink too much. Reached it, was away from his wife, took the son. By chance from a friend learned about it, that there capsule alkozeronthat help stop drinking already for a few days of income. So, and it worked, and I finally for so many years to see my brother sober.
  • Boglárka
    Alkozeron saved our family, and in particular the life of her husband. From a good decent person alcohol addiction has turned him in a tenderer and irresponsible drunk. Daily drinking parties, smoke in the whole apartment... Now in the third month of not drinking at all. Forced to drink these capsules under the guise of pills for a headache.
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