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Means for the treatment of alcoholism

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A new drug for the treatment of alcoholism! Alkozeron - the capsule that will forever block the irresistible urge to drink.

It is important to know! Hungary - the country where Alkozeron it is available for sale only through the official website. Costs* manufacturer - Ft9900.

You can buy the capsules in Szombathely, in the form of orders using the form for ordering, enter the phone number and name. And You call the director of the company in the range of 1 hour for the consultation on the order and processing the request for delivery to your address, to clarify the conditions of delivery and other details.

* Works in all locations. Payment after delivery of delivery of your shipment from the courier or at the post office.

ACTION -50% - how to buy capsules according to the applicable shares of ask the manager

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Means for the treatment of alcoholism Alkozeron - the capsule, which quickly get rid of addiction and return to a normal life!

It is important to know! Hungary - a country where for the past year cases have been found of buying fakes for a bargain price. Therefore, be careful. Order original capsule Alkozeron in Hungary it is only possible to order via our official website. You can arrange the request on the website, indicating the name and number of the phone, within 15 minutes You call the manager for confirmation of order for clarification of details.

Work without advance payment! Produced by a pay order after receiving the email. Price regardless of the delivery - Ft9900.

Please note, operates the ACTION - Order Alkozeron with a discount of -50%. Terms stocks are limited. Now leave the application on the website through order form to get capsules for the treatment of alcoholism at the best prices.

How to make order with delivery in Szombathely

If you want to order Alkozeron in Szombathely leave the application form on the website through an order form. After confirmation of the order, and already a few days later,* you will get mail, courier up to the house (payment upon receipt of the shipment) to the nearest post office.

The cost of shipment depends on the distance to the city, is not included in the price of the capsules, borne on the shipping costs.

* Szombathely - delivery within 2-3 working days.

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  • Máté
    Tried various methods and medicines. Or wasn't the result at all, or the effect quickly took place, already after a week again began to drink like I used to. With alkozeron everything is otherwise. Thanks to these capsules do not drink for eight months! Too bad I didn't know before, that there is such an effective means, when it for such an affordable price.